Company Information

Steven D. Fealtman, President

SDF Consulting Alliance, Inc. is a group of local professional who've combined skills and enjoy providing professional, personal, and affordable solutions.  Located near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, SDF's staff has experience in project management, web design, system configuration, database design and training.  We focus on companies who are looking for an alternative approach to supporting their ever-changing computer system.  SDF brings new and innovative ideas to improve the way that companies use their internal computer systems. 

Today, SDF brings full life-cycle support to help companies keep up with their rapidly changing IT systems.  With SDF support, you'll gain the confidence to know that the future doesn't have to be difficult.

Company History

SDF Consulting Alliance, Inc. became incorporated entity in 1999.  After years of providing software development service and support as a sole-proprietor, SDF was formed to better support and service local companies' software and network IT systems.

With this new network of consultants, you'll come to realize just how important it is to have us as your 'right arm' local, professional quality consulting services.  Plus, because we truly want to provide you the desired solution, we also truly believe that we can provide the appropriate training, mentoring, and knowledge transfer.  When you feel as through your getting quality for the price, we have succeeded.

Alliance Members

Deann Palmer, Accounting & Finance

Kenneth Brandt, .Net/Oracle Developer